Brussels, 10 May 2021.

Edificio reenforces its governance with a new and enlarged Board of Directors



Edificio SA/NV has decided to enlarge and strengthen its board of directors. Mr. Michel Vermaerke, Mr. Marc Vermeiren, Mr. Stefan Sablon and Mr. Jean-Marc Delporte have been appointed as new directors. Mr. Michel Vermaerke is the chairman of the board.


With the enlarged board, the company underlines the importance of corporate governance within its operation and wishes to be ready for the new challenges and opportunities it faces. In this respect, the recruitment of additional and complementary knowledge and experience will undoubtedly be an asset.


The Covid period has been a hard time for the culture and event sector. Because crises are also challenges, Edificio has not been sitting still these recent months. The mission of the company is and remains to be a reference in the provision of events and events in which a special experience in and centered around a unique historical heritage framework.


Today, Edificio already exploits/upgrades the Bibliothèque Solvay and the Concert Noble. On many occasions, these buildings, both located in the European heart of Brussels, have been the meeting place for international, European, and national summits and events of a political, scientific, artistic or other nature.


Increasingly, Edificio is being requested to develop new initiatives through partnerships. In all of this, the intention remains to open up the rich heritage that our country has to the general public. Edificio wants to turn the sites where it is active into places of an “emotional estate” experience.