Edificio, a multi-tasked agent

A cultural centre, a hub of European cultural diplomacy, an event agency, a venue network; Edificio is all of this, and much more.

Specialised in the operation and preservation of historical heritage buildings, Edificio offers prestigious venues with a soul for the creation of unique events with an added historical value.

Sky Hall and Wielemans Hotel used to be under Edificio’s protection.

Today Solvay Library and Concert Noble have come under its careful watch. Tomorrow will bring other treasures of our cultural heritage; Edificio is always looking for exceptional buildings to preserve

People behind the buildings

Edificio was created by the passion of one man, Didier Goffart:“for the old buildings that still have a soul, for the treasure that is Brussels’ historical heritage, for our culture”. He created Edificio in 1999 and his enthusiasm for Brussels and its European fibre has stayed with him ever since.

Today Edificio is above all a young, enthusiastic, multilingual team whose members are united by their common qualities: extreme rigour, flexibility and reactivity …as well as great open-mindedness and insatiable curiosity!