Edificio: a mission defined by passion

Take part in the heritage preservation

Edificio has a passion for buildings with soul and History, buildings which are part of Brussels’s cultural heritage. Its mission flows naturally from this:

  • preserve these buildings and their soul
  • open them up to modern life by giving them a new assignment;
  • make these precious locations of cultural heritage accessible to the public

By making these venues available for private events, opening them to the public with a cultural agenda and taking care of them on a daily basis, Edificio is helping them to continue their life through time.

Sharing values of respect and sustainability

For Edificio, respect is the key : respect for buildings, respect for their soul, as well as respect for everyone who enters these venues or who works there (public, guests, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders).

Edificio adopts an eco-responsible approach to events and building management, whilst taking into account the constraints attached to protecting patrimony. It is a constant search for balance.

Our team and all our partners share the same commitments.